This map will show you the terrifying high cost of anti-vaccine hysteria

The Council on Foreign Relations published a map in January that shows how outbreaks of measles and mumps have progressed over the past 5 years.

Not surprisingly, Africa has been heavily hit. But most notable is the increase in outbreaks in the United States and Europe — in regions where vaccines are widely available.

deadstate vaccine map

ds colors

Pediatrician Aaron Carroll of The Incidental Economist summed up the data like this:

  • All of that red, which seems to dominate? It’s measles. It’s even peeking through in the United States, and it’s smothering the United Kingdom.
  • If you get rid of the measles, you can start to see mumps. Again, crushing the UK and popping up in the US.
  • Both measles and mumps are part of the MMR vaccine.
  • Almost all the whooping cough is in the United States.

As a result of rising anti-vaccine hysteria disseminated by charlatans and pseudo science, use of the MMR vaccine has plummeted throughout the United States and Europe. The anti-vaxxers won’t admit this, but since use of the vaccine has dropped, the incidence of autism has not (which would be the case if their theories were true). But one tangible result of anti-vaccine misinformation is a real rise in diseases that were once brought under control.

Watch Aaron Carroll in the video below:

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