This tunnel in Ukraine is one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world

Ukraine is at the top of the headlines right now, and everyone’s focused on the strife the former Soviet republic is facing. But when countries are embroiled in turmoil, it’s easy to forget the inherent beauty that will always lie beneath.

For those of us who are head over heels in love, Ukraine has one of the most ideal destinations ever. The Tunnel of Love used to be just another train rail section, but eventually gained the reputation of one of the most romantic spots on earth.

As trees grew freely around the rails, the passing train was the only thing shaping a path through. Eventually, by crossing the Kleven Village forest back and forth three times a day, the train shaped a long tunnel that looks like something out of a dream.








tunnel-of-love-ukraine-8 tunnel-of-love-ukraine-1

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