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Todd Starnes: ‘The country as we know it is destroyed’ because I had to use hand sanitizer at the store

Conservative Christian writer and former Fox News radio program host Todd Starnes voiced frustration over all the social distancing restrictions which seemingly prevented him from buying a toaster.

Starnes is most notable for his anti-LGBTQ sentiments, having written about “the homosexual agenda” for the Baptist Press. He’s also a rabid conspiracy theorist and was fired from the radio program after saying that American Democrats worship Moloch, a pagan god that’s associated with child sacrifice, The Daily Dot reports.

Last week, he took to Twitter and complained that social distancing guidelines prevented him from buying a toaster at the store.

“Dropped by a department store to buy a toaster oven,” he wrote. “Mandatory hand sanitizer squirt and mask. One way aisles and if you deviate from the approved zone for customers – they sternly lecture you. The country as we know it has been destroyed. And I still don’t have a toaster.”

Unsurprisingly, some of Starnes’ critics on Twitter had a good laugh:

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