Tomi Lahren: It’s the men with ‘toxic masculinity’ who will save you from mass shootings

According to Tomi Lahren, toxic masculinity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least when it comes to how “the Left” describes it.

In a post to her Twitter account last week, the conservative commentator and Fox News host declared that so-called “toxic masculinity” is not to blame for violence “because the Left’s definition of toxic masculinity is BS.”

“When violence breaks out, the men who step up and protect the innocent are often those the Left would diagnose with ‘toxic masculinity,'” she wrote.

Lahren didn’t explain how the left’s definition of toxic masculinity is applied unfairly, but either way, there were plenty of people in the comment thread beneath her tweet who were baffled by her take.

According to data collected by Mother Jones, since 1982 the majority of mass shootings have been carried out by white males.

Featured image via screen grab/ABC News

Sky Palma

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