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Tomi Lahren on El Paso and Dayton: ‘More thought and more prayer is what we need’

Conservative commentator and Fox News host Tomi Lahren is catching some heat on social media after she fully embraced the ‘thoughts and prayers’ trope, suggesting that it’s exactly what’s needed in the wake of continuous gun violence.

“Maybe more thought and especially more prayer are exactly what we need in this country,” Lahren tweeted.

With the tweet, Lahren included a video where she rails against people looking for “something and someone to blame” for gun violence.

“Here’s the truth — the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton are not Trump’s fault. They are not the NRA’s fault. The shooters are to blame,” Lahren says in the video. “And guns have been a part of this nation since its founding. But we’ve only had these frequent mass shootings in the last 20 years, so clearly there is something else wrong here.”

The Fox host went on to say that “taking away guns will not stop sick people,” adding that the true problem lies in mental health.

“When will our nation wake up and realize that we have a youth mental health crisis likely caused by over-medication, absentee parents, and a culture that glorifies infamy and notoriety above God, family, and community?”

Lahren’s call for more thoughts and prayers prompted a wave of backlash in the comment threat beneath her tweet.

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