Tow truck driver leaves woman on the roadside because she had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car

A North Carolina truck driver reportedly denied service to a woman on Monday after he noticed the vehicle’s “Bernie 2016” bumper sticker.

According to WHNS-TV, Kenneth Shupe said he received a call to pick a stranded woman, Cassy McWade, on the local interstate. Upon seeing “a bunch of Bernie Sanders stuff” on her car, he told her “very politely” that he couldn’t tow a socialist and to “call the government” for a tow.

“Something came over me, I think the Lord came to me, and He just said, ‘Get in the truck and leave,’” Shupe said. “And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud, because I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed.”

“Every business dealing in recent history with a socialist minded person I have not gotten paid every time I deal with these people I get ‘Berned’ with an ‘e’ not a ‘u’.”

Shupe said he will not do business with Bernie Sanders supporters because he is a “conservative Christian” who supports Republican candidate Donald Trump.

He claims that he “respects their beliefs,” even though he would leave a lone 25-year-old woman who suffers from arthritis and other health issues stranded on a busy interstate. He hopes “they respect” his views.

“Had she been disabled, would I have towed her car? No ma’am,” Shupe said. “I would have pulled forward and sat there with her to make sure she was okay until another wrecker service showed up to get her home safely, but I still would not have towed her car.”

Cassy’s mother, Kelle McWade, posted an angry message on Facebook, blasting Shupe for being a “bigot”:

Heads up, friends…. Cass had a wreck in Asheville yesterday. She is fine, but the car was not driveable. We called our mechanic who was tied up in Easley at the time, so he sent ShupeeMax Towing to get her. Kenneth Shupee drove from Travelers Rest to Asheville, hooked up her car, and when he went around to the back, he came back and told her that he wouldn’t tow her because she had a Bernie sticker on the back of the car. HE LEFT HER ON THE SIDE OF THE INTERSTATE IN NC, and DROVE AWAY. Spread this bigot’s story far & wide. Btw, I’m guessing he’s a Trump supporter. The only difference is that the Don would have taken the money, because he at least realizes that liberals’ money spends just the same as anyone else’s. Dumb [expletive] cost himself money driving all the way to Asheville & back for nothing. [Expletive].

“We may not like it and we may not agree with it but I don’t believe any laws were broken,” Steve Sumner a Greensville attorney said. “As long as there is no contract between the driver and the tow truck company then there is no legal obligation for the tow truck company to pick her up.”

Watch a local news report on the story below:

FOX Carolina 21

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