Trailer park landlord warns tenants: ‘I’m doubling your rent if Joe Biden wins’

A Colorado trailer park landlord allegedly sent a note to his tenants warning them that if Joe Biden is elected president in 2020, “everything you do and have to pay for will change completely,” 9News reports.

“TO ALL TENANTS: Please understand IF Joe Biden is elected as our next President, everything you do and have to pay for will change completely,” the letter shared with 9News read. “Everything will be increased. Like paying ALOT (sic) more in taxes, utilities, gasoline, groceries, new permits, fees and regulations…everything! This also means YOUR RENT will be increased to cover these expenses. Most likely, rent would DOUBLE in price!”

“IF the current President is re-elected, WE WILL NOT RAISE THE RENT FOR AT LEAST 2 YEARS!” the landlord’s letter continued. “Voting is your choice and we are not telling you how to vote. We are just informing our tenants what WE will do according to the election results. If Trump wins, we all win. If Biden wins, we all lose.”

“VOTE on November 3, 2020,” the letter’s closing message read.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office confirmed to 9News they have received a complaint, saying that the complaint was passed along to the Attorney General.

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