An openly transgender woman is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention this week

An openly transgender person is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia, a first for a major national party.

Sarah McBride, a trans activist and the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, was invited by the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus and will speak after Caucus Co-Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney, a New York congressman.

“People must understand that even as we face daily harassment, tragic violence, and an onslaught of anti-LGBTQ political attacks across the country, we are real people merely seeking to be treated with the dignity and respect every person deserves,” McBride said in a statement.

“I’m so proud to stand with the LGBT Caucus and speak out in support of Hillary Clinton, because we know she stands with us.”

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said the event will show a clear contrast between the Democrats and Republicans.

“I’m also honored to address a national convention where LGBTQ advocates will play such an integral and historic role,” he said. “Next week’s Democratic National Convention will underscore the stark contrast between Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine’s vision for a more equal America, and [Republican presidential nominee] Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s agenda of hate and division.”

Republicans have embraced the most anti-LGBT platform of all time, calling for fewer civil rights for transgender people and advocating for conversion therapy to “cure” LGBT children, according to Patheos.

Featured image: Sarah McBride (Facebook)



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