Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump Jr’s emails are ‘the best comedy ever’

On the July 11 edition of the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah delved into Donald Trump Jr’s Russia woes, especially his decision to release an email exchange where he accepted an offer to meet with a Kremlin-linked lawyer who was offering him dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

“For so long everyone was like ‘Man there’s so much smoke,” Noah said. “‘There’s so much smoke but we don’t know if there’s a fire!'”

“We were on the ground dying from smoke inhalation, and today we’re like ‘Yes! It’s a fire! I’m on fire, but now I know the truth!'” he continued.

“I’m not even waiting for Curb Your Enthusiasm to come back now. This is the best comedy show ever.”

Watch the segment in the video below, via Comedy Central:

Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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