Trump accuses Ron DeSantis of ‘stealing’ his style: ‘I should sue him’

The eventual collision of Trump’s ego with DeSantis’ rising popularity is underway.


As Ron DeSantis‘ political star power continues to rise, former President Donald Trump is paying attention and he’s growing more and more uneasy with the Florida governors’ popularity, Rolling Stone reports.

Rolling Stones’ Asawin Suebsaeng reports that Trump “has repeatedly ridiculed DeSantis for ripping off the ex-president’s style.”

“There was this time, maybe a year ago that I remember him making fun of [DeSantis] for doing similar hand gestures and motions. He called it ‘stealing’ from him and [to paraphrase] described it as a lame impression of Trump,” a source close to Trump told Rolling Stone.

Sources speaking to Rolling Stone say Trump has been watching clips of DeSantis speaking at public events over the past year and a half and resents DeSantis for appearing to imitate his “body language, movements, and even, at times, speaking rhythm.

Trump reportedly joked once that he should sue DeSantis for copyright infringement.

GOP donor Dan Eberhart mirrored Trump’s claims, saying, “DeSantis certainly mimics Trump’s style, rhetoric and body language. DeSantis’ bombastic style seems to be ripped straight out of a Donald Trump style guide. Trump proved that Republican voters want a fighter and DeSantis aims to deliver.”

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