Trump begs for money after latest indictment — cries that he’s facing ‘561 YEARS in prison from the Left’s witch hunts’

After Special Counsel Jack Smith‘s indictment of Donald Trump this afternoon detailing allegations that Donald Trump pushed election officials to back up his false claims of mass voter in the 2020 election, while plotting with co-conspirators to decertify the election’s results, Trump took to Truth Social and thanked them for their loyalty while lamenting the “UNPRECEDENTED INDICTMENT” brought down against him.

According to Mediaite, Trump’s campaign soon after sent out a fundraising note pointing out that the former president faces “561 YEARS in prison from the Left’s witch hunts.”

“With Crooked Joe’s corrupt DOJ having unlawfully INDICTED yours truly yet again, reports indicate that I could now face a combined 561 YEARS in prison from the Left’s witch hunts,” the message read, adding in all caps, “6 LIFETIMES…”

The message went on:

…There’s only ONE MESSAGE someone can send by trying to throw you in jail for 6 lifetimes, and that’s FEAR.
The fear that if you vote for the ONLY candidate who puts you FIRST, you too could be harassed, indicted, and even ARRESTED by the current Marxist regime in Washington.


Because these endless witch hunts and indictments aren’t really about me, they’re about YOU having a voice in your own country.


I’m just standing in the Left’s way – and I always will.


Rest assured, Patriot, if there’s ONE thing I’m willing to risk my freedom for, it’s YOUR FREEDOM.

But while the Democrats continue to send America barreling towards tyranny, I ask that YOU peacefully stand with me during these dark times – as one UNITED Republican Party – and PROVE that we will NEVER SURRENDER the country we hold so dear.


However, if you’re struggling right now due to Crooked Joe’s policies and the sinister Swamp creatures in Washington, please just hit the back button and go about your day. In that case, I don’t want you to even think about donating!


But if you can contribute even just $1, God knows how much our country needs patriots like YOU at this pivotal moment in history…


Please make a contribution of any amount – truly, even just $1 – to show that our movement will NEVER SURRENDER our country to the Left’s tyranny even as Crooked Joe and his Deep State thugs try to JAIL me for 561 YEARS.

According to reports, Trump’s fundraising is starting to feel a squeeze. POLITICO reported that his fundraising “did not spike as high after his second indictment in June compared to his first one in the spring.”

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