Come Again?

Trump campaign official: Separation of church and state ‘does not exist’

During a Zoom event this Monday hosted by Asian Pacific Americans for Trump, President Trump’s senior campaign legal adviser said that the separation between church and state is concept dreamed up by the left and does not exist.

“The left is going to tell you there’s this separation of church and state, and that’s just nowhere in the Constitution, nowhere in American law,” Jenna Ellis said, according to The Daily Beast. “That’s nothing that our founding principles ever, uh, derived whatsoever.”

According to Ellis, the concept of church-state separation is “twisting a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Church that was simply talking about the three tiers of authority that God himself ordained—the church government, the civil government, and the family government.”

This isn’t the first time Ellis has made such an argument. As the Beast points out, in April, she said that “‘separation of church and state’ is a myth perpetuated by liberals to pretend morality and religion cannot be part of government.”

On Monday, Ellis went on to say that Trump’s photo op in front of a vandalized church D.C church was about “telling truth about protecting and preserving religious freedom in our country… and especially protecting and preserving the church’s authority in our society.”

“For him to go out and hold up that Bible in front of the church and acknowledge that religious liberty prevails in America like no other society and nation that ever existed in the face of the Earth—that is what our freedom is all about,” she concluded.

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