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Trump cultist starts to express her doubts: ‘Trump is like a player who leads a girl on’

In a recent video posted to her website, career QAnon booster and pro-Trump broadcaster DeAnna Lorraine started to wonder of she can rely on Donald Trump anymore.

“I feel kind of personally disappointed … I’m not trying to rail against President Trump, I’m not some kind of traitor, but we need to tell it like it is,” Lorraine said. “And I feel a little bit like, how a player leads a girl on over and over again, and she continues to fall for his charm and his charisma and his good looks, and he gives her a little bit of crumbs here and there — a little bit of hope to continue moving forward, and she might feel like his actions aren’t backed up by his words and promises, but she continues to hang on, and hang on, and hang on, even though no actions happen and nothing moves forward but he gives her some crumbs to hold on to.”

“At this point, I sort feel like that’s what’s going on with President Trump.”

Lorraine has voiced this kind of skepticism before. In December, she questioned the QAnon conspiracies she previously pushed on to her followers.

“Because we have so much trust in this plan, we always think [Trump] is playing 5-D chess, so anything that looks questionable, we think, ‘Okay, it’s a strategy — he’s playing 5-D chess. We don’t have anything to worry about.’ Is it possible that is a detriment to us? … and that possibly QAnon and this whole operation has possibly neutered the otherwise most powerful demographic in the world?”

About a month later, she further questioned the conspiracy theory, asking, “Is it possible that [QAnon] is a detriment to us?”

“I’m sick of just looking at clues and taking guesses and kind of following down a rabbit hole where it leads to nothing, and there’s just a lot of broken promises that are not delivered,” Lorraine said.

She’s so close.

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