Trump evangelical adviser: Don’t compare Jesus to immigrants — Jesus wasn’t a criminal

Pastor Paula White has managed to procure herself the job title, “top evangelical adviser to the President.” While that may mean a host of things, it’s for certain that one would have to either sacrifice their principles or not have any principles in the first place.

Of course, White is all-in when it comes to President Trump’s policy of separating immigrant families at the US-Mexico border. Speaking to CBN News this Monday, she praised the “beyond phenomenal” child detention center in Virginia she claims to have recently visited.

At one point during the segment, the host asked White, “What biblical scriptures come to mind when you say this?”

According to White, when it comes to the immigration debate, people have “taken biblical scriptures out of context in this.”

“They say stuff like, ‘Well, Jesus was a refugee’ — and yes he did live in Egypt for three-and-a-half years but it was not illegal,” she declared. “If he had broke the law, he would have been sinful and he would not have been out Messiah.”

Anyone who was either raised in the Christian religion or who has taken time to study the Bible knows that the very reason Jesus was crucified was because he was accused of breaking the law — and therefore deemed a criminal. His very claim of being the Son of God was against the law during time of Bronze Age Palestine. As Talking Points Memo’s Cristina Cabrera points out, Jesus was also in violation of the law when he and his disciples did things such as collect food on the Sabbath.

White’s comments invited a significant amount of backlash on Twitter, much of which came from her fellow religious leaders.

But you don’t have to be a reverend to see the hypocrisy in White’s comments.

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