Trump fans defending Melania’s plagiarism prove they belong to a cult rather than a political party

The Melania Trump plagiarism scandal, although not surprising in the Land of Trump, still made waves due to its unprecedented nature. The real question is whether or not the GOP nominee will lose any supporters over his campaign’s gross display of incompetence – and if the history of Trump Land is any indicator, he won’t.

Again, that’s to be expected, but hearing the rationale from Trump supporters as to why they’re sticking behind their candidate despite the repeated flops and fundamental displays of dishonesty is a fascinating study into the cultish groupthink that envelopes the Trump phenomenon.

It also demonstrates that they need to google the definition of “plagiarism.”

The folks over at Mother Jones set out to interview Trumpkins in the wake of Melania’s speech, and the resulting video reminded me of dazed Scientologists waxing poetic about L. Ron Hubbard, or isolated North Koreans praising the infallibility of their Dear Leader.

I could go on forever with the metaphors. The point is that if your desired candidate’s grotesque flaws do nothing to sway your opinion, you don’t belong to a political movement anymore, you belong to a cult.




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