Trump got booed at the UFC, and he was cheered too

As a fight fan, last night’s UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was among the greatest. Jorge Masvidal’s third round stoppage over Nate Diaz (both welterweights) came at the end of what was a true war. Diaz was ready and eager to start the fourth round, but the huge gash over his right eye was enough to make the doctors declare that he couldn’t continue — a controversial decision, but it is what it is. For some reason, some people felt the need to make a political statement while attending the greatest sport ever.

In the wake of President Trump being on the receiving end of boos and “lock him up” chants that the World Series on Sunday, some assumed that the UFC crowd would give him a better reception — an assumption based on the fraudulent notion that the majority of MMA fans are also right-wing thugs. But as it turns out, they’re just as diverse and unpredictable as the fans of any other sport.

As numerous outlets have pointed out, Trump was “bathed in sustained boos” and also some cheers as he attended the UFC in Madison Square Garden Saturday night. According to some reports, there were a handful of signs scattered amongst the crowd reading “Remove Trump” and “Impeach Trump.”

A few people captured the moment on video.

Ultimately, whether or not Trump was ‘overwhelmingly’ booed last night is likely subjective according to where one was sitting, and what the ideological narrative one is invested in promoting.

Other bits of footage from the evening shows large pockets of people cheering and waving at Trump.

Featured image via screen grab


Sky Palma

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