Trump lashes out at tech crew during Vegas rally — threatens not to pay them over malfunctioning teleprompters

Donald Trump slammed teleprompter operators over what he said were technical issues at his Sunday rally in Las Vegas.

“I got no teleprompters, and I haven’t from the beginning,” Trump told the audience.

“I pay all this money to teleprompter people, and I’d say 20 percent of the time they don’t work; they don’t work. The thing’s waving around. They can’t tie it a little bit tighter. I’m trying to look at,” he said, cutting himself off. “So we’re all in this together, everybody. Just a mess.”

At one point during his rant to the audience, he threatened to withhold payment to the company who provided the teleprompters.

“He just came up: ‘Are the teleprompters not working, sir?’ ‘Not even a little bit,’” Trump said, recounting an exchange he had with a crew member.

“Great job. And then I don’t pay the company that does it, right?” Trump said. “And then I end up with a story, ‘Trump doesn’t pay.’ I don’t pay contractors that do a sh‑‑ty job. And that’s a sh‑‑ty job. That’s a sh‑‑ty job. You can’t read a word.”

“Then they’ll say, ‘Oh, isn’t it terrible? Trump takes advantage of his—,’” Trump added, cutting himself off. “No. … When I have a good contractor, a subcontractor, nobody gets paid faster. But when I have contractors that do this kind of work? You can have them.”

Sky Palma

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