Trump-loving congressional candidate says politicians must be ‘faithful in marriage’ to have her support

Heidi St. John, who is is one of three candidates challenging Jaime Herrera Beutler in the Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, is going out of her way to align herself with former President Donald Trump, citing Herrera Beutler’s vote to impeach then-President Trump in January as one of the reasons she entered the campaign.

This Thursday, she announced that she had a private meeting with Trump, which she said was an “honor of a lifetime.”

“It was the honor of a lifetime to have a private meeting with President Trump yesterday,’’ St. John said in the statement. “He is as warm in person as you could imagine — sharp, engaging and charismatic. What a privilege it was to speak with him. His passion for this country and our district has not waned. He took almost an hour and heard my concerns about what is happening in SW Washington,’’ St. John stated. “He remains committed to the fight for freedom in the United States and in our district in particular. He is not done fighting for this country and I am prepared to continue this fight. I am excited and looking forward to our next visit.”

According to her, Trump’s agenda “was the right agenda for America.”

During a recent interview, St. John said that when it comes to a political candidate, one of the questions she asks is, “Have you been faithful in marriage?”

“…And also, we need to be looking at the people who are running for office and saying, ‘Do you have a history of loving your family? Have you been faithful in marriage?'” she said, adding that if candidates can’t be faithful to their families, “I’m sure as heck not gonna trust you in an elected position to make decisions for other people.”

St. John’s standards for elected officials must not apply to Trump, who is famous for infidelity in his marriages. But it’s 2022 and expecting moral consistency from people in the Trump cult is a lost hope.

Listen to her comments in the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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