Trump-loving pastor longs for the days when gay people had to hide: ‘You’d be worse than a leper!’

During a recent livestream, Mississippi pastor and die-hard Trump supporter Shane Vaughn longed for the days when gay people had to hide their identities.

“How many remember when homosexuality was a shame? You wouldn’t even show your face, you’d be worse than a leper,” Vaughn said. “Go lay up with another grown man — you’d be worse then a leper! ‘Oh, they can’t judge me’ — Yes we can! And yes we must. And because we’ve stopped, our children have turned into nightmares.”

According to Vaughn, the problem with America’s gay youth is there’s “no shame.”

“You’re a bunch of animals!” he declared. “You need the Holy Ghost to move inside of you and take control of your passion. Remember when it was a shame to be a lesbian? You wouldn’t have even shown your face! Rightly so.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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