Christian TV host: ‘I stand with Russia because Americans are Satanists’

If anyone can outdo televangelist Jim Bakker‘s wacky statements, it’s his favorite End Times conspiracist Rick Wiles.

In a broadcast on his TruNews program this Tuesday, Wiles accused the “deep state,” a term which some use to refer to intelligence agencies, of trying to overthrow Russia as a punishment for giving up their communistic and “God-hating atheism.” In short, Wiles thinks Putin’s draconian anti-gay laws reflect what American values should be.

“I believe the deep state, at its core, is satanic,” Wiles said.

“It is Luciferian,” he continued. “They, that synagogue of Satan dark state, in 1917, overthrew the Russian government … The Russian people were trapped in communism, atheistic God-hating communism for 70 plus years; the Russians finally cast it off and came out from under this communist oppression. I believe the deep state is furious with them that they dared to overthrow their God-hating atheism, their Satanism.”

“The people in control of America today are Satanists,” Wiles continued, apparently forgetting that Donald Trump is president. “What do they defend? Baby killing. Selling baby parts. Homosexuality. Pedophilia. They celebrate it.”

Wiles praised Russia’s anti-gay laws, saying, “…as a Christian, I stand with the Russian people in their defense of morality and I condemn the dark state that is in control of the United States and Europe and Canada and Australia and New Zealand; it is a Luciferian, demonic Satanic empire that is against God, hates God.”

Listen to his comments in the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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