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Trump-loving TV host: FBI probably paid Ethan Crumbley’s parents to give him the gun he used

During a recent episode of his show, far-right commentator and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein speculated that the FBI, which he refers to as the “Fascist Bureau of Intimidation,” is paying parents like the Michigan school shooter’s to encourage their kids to carry out school shootings so the left can have a stronger argument for gun control.

“They went after the parents because they’re anti-Second Amendment,” Bernstein said, referring to the charging of 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley’s parents with involuntary manslaughter after their son shot and killed four students at Oxford High School and wounded seven others.

“Yes, the father got the gun for the kid and the kid went out and did what he did,” Bernstein continued. “Now look — I said this on another show today: I wouldn’t put it past the intel agencies to have paid some of these parents to possibly have their children do things like this … America has a robust Second Amendment, and the left have been trying to come after our guns for the longest time.”

“So don’t think that the [FBI] wouldn’t sink that low to try to set up school shootings in order to put the Second Amendment back into the forum of the public square.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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