Trump mistakes black supporter for a protester, calls him a ‘thug’ and has him removed

According to the Charlotte Observer, Donald Trump supporter C.J. Cary showed up to the GOP nominee’s rally in Kinston, North Carolina with a special message.

Cary was carrying a note that he intended to pass off to Trump, asking him to be a bit more inclusive in his language regarding people with disabilities, African Americans, and women.

Cary, who is black, walked towards the stage and waved the note, shouting, “Donald!”

Trump took one look at him and said, “Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?”

As Cary was being escorted out by Trump’s personal security detail to a chorus of boos, one of them noticed Cary was wearing a GOP badge, prompting him to explain that he is a supporter who just wanted to give Trump the note.

“I said, ‘I was trying to get to this doc to Mr. Donald … will you get this to Donald?’” Cary said. “He said, ‘Well dude, we’d be happy to give it to him.’”

From the Observer:

Cary said he views the presidential race as a choice between two apples: one rotten apple and one that is sour and bitter. He views Trump as the sour one, and supports him because he said Trump has some redemptive qualities.

In the note itself, Cary told Trump the following:

“I have to get ready to come to Kinston. Donald I am not including everything. But you must defeat lying Hillary and lying Obama. These characters are bad really bad.”

Watch the video below:

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