Trump offers child as ritualistic sacrifice, kid saves self by changing the subject to Mexicans

At a Trump rally in Manassas, Virginia, The Donald fielded a question from a young supporter. After the boy approached him, Trump hoisted the child by the armpits above the crowd, and up into the microphone. Fortunately, there would be no bloodletting that day.

“What are the walls going to be made out of?” asked the child at the rally to the roar of the crowd. Trump kissed the boy on the back of the head, and declared, “Too cute!”

The wall the boy was asking about is, of course, Trump’s proposed United States-Mexico border wall, which is one of the biggest selling points of his campaign. Trump assured the audience that the wall will be made out of rebar and concrete, and would be 90 feet tall. Tragedy averted.


[Gawker] Featured image via screen grab

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