Trump ordered to give deposition in ‘Apprentice’ contestant’s lawsuit claiming he sexually assaulted her

A court in New York state has ordered Donald Trump to give testimony in a lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, who was formerly a contestant on Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice, Business Insider reports.

From Business Insider:

In a virtual court hearing Monday afternoon, Michael Rand, a law clerk for New York State Judge Jennifer Schechter, who is overseeing the lawsuit, instructed lawyers for both Trump and Zervos to complete the factual discovery phase by December 23. That phase includes depositions of both Trump and Zervos.

“I do want to have an order entered and have the close of that discovery before Christmas,” Rand said.

Zervos filed the lawsuit against Trump in 2017, accusing him of defamation when he publicly denied her accusation of sexual assault and called his accusers liars.

In her lawsuit, Zervos claims Trump kissed her against her will back in 2007 and later groped her in a California hotel.

Sky Palma

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