Trump: ‘People really f*cking hate me’

According to reports from inside sources, The Resistance is starting to affect President Trump and some think it’s causing him to adopt a “new approach to governing.”

An adviser to the President speaking to Axios‘s Mike Allen says that Trump is finally starting to realize that there’s a lot of people who don’t like him. “People really fucking hate me,” Trump reportedly said.

The news comes on top of Trump’s recent pivot to Democrats where he struck a deal on Hurricane Harvey relief funds, a three-month debt-limit increase, and a three-month continuing resolution to keep the government funded. Either way, Allen writes that Trump may have acknowledged that there one solution his abysmal poll numbers: “Stop doing things that people hate, and start striking deals.”

Allen writes that according to Trump’s “friends and aides,” Trump may be looking to blame Republicans for his troubles.

Trump has convinced himself he was duped by GOP leaders into repealing health care and blowing his first seven months on a fool’s errand If he can strike a few deals, he can reshape history to make the party — not himself — the culprit.

Additionally, Trump may be looking for a more moderate approach in order to “liberate himself.”

He feels boxed in inside the White House and felt handcuffed to GOP leaders. No more. He had it with McConnell — thinks he’s past his prime, no longer capable of leading. Considers him low-energy. He has much more natural rapport with Schumer, a friend from the New York days.

Read Axios’s full report here.

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