Trump posts video invite to his pre-inauguration party, vicious internet mockery ensues

It’s well known that Donald Trump has a rather underwhelming inauguration to look forward to when it comes to attendees. According to a McClatchyDC report, estimates put the turnout at around 800,000 for the otherwise historically crowded event — roughly half of the 1.8 million that attended Barack Obama‘s 2009 swearing-in.

So how is Trump, a man who just wants to be loved, dealing with this potential embarrassment? He’s going on Facebook and basically begging people to come to a pre-inauguration party, of course.

In a video posted to incoming Vice President Mike Pence‘s Facebook page, Trump asks supporters to come to “the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony.”

“President-elect Trump wants to personally invite you to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony*. You will receive a limited edition, commemorative ticket as a keepsake to frame and remember this historic event. CLICK HERE to register for your tickets,” the post reads.

Judging by the comment thread that vomited beneath the video, people aren’t that enthusiastic.

As of this writing, there are a little over 26,000 comments in the post. Finding a positive comment is proving difficult. To see the post and comment thread in its entirety, click here.

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