Trump praises Putin’s ‘genius’ plans to attack Ukraine: ‘We could use him on our southern border’

As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to take steps that experts say is a clear path to war in Ukraine, former President Donald Trump took a moment to praise the strongman on his efforts.

Speaking to right-wing podcaster Buck Sexton, Trump declared that when he was watching the news about the latest developments, he thought to himself, “This is genius.”

“Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Trump said.

“I said, ‘How smart is that?'” Trump continued. “And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. … We could use that on our southern border. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re gonna keep peace all right. No, but think of it. Here’s a guy who’s very savvy.”

“But here’s a guy that says, you know, ‘I’m gonna declare a big portion of Ukraine independent’ — he used the word ‘independent’ — and ‘we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna help keep peace.’ You gotta say that’s pretty savvy. And you know what the response was from Biden? There was no response. They didn’t have one for that. No, it’s very sad. Very sad.”

Watch the video below, via RawStory:


Sky Palma

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