Trump rages at the FBI for seizing Mike Lindell’s phone: ‘We’re living in a weaponized police state!’

During a segment on his Lindell TV show, MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell said that the FBI stopped him while he was at a fast food restaurant and seized his cellphone.

Lindell said an agent walked up to him while was sitting the drive-thru of Hardee’s and informed him that they had a warrant for his cellphone, to which Lindell replied that he needs his phone to run his companies since he doesn’t have a computer.

“My hearing aids run off this! Everything runs off my phone,” Lindell recounted himself saying to the FBI agent. “And then I said, ‘If I don’t give it to you, will you arrest me then?’ … I was just going, are you kidding me? You’re not getting my phone.”

In a post to his Truth Social platform this Wednesday, Donald Trump slammed the FBI over the alleged incident, accusing the agency of acting like a “Weaponized Police State.”

“Mike Lindell, ‘THE Pillow Guy,’ was just raided by the FBI,” Trump wrote in the post. “We are now officially living in a Weaponized Police State, Rigged Elections, and all. Our Country is a laughing stock all over the World.”

“The majesty of the United States is gone. Can’t let this happen. TAKE BACK AMERICA!”

Watch Lindell in the video below:

Sky Palma

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