Trump reminds Nevada crowd that their state has no ocean: ‘Maybe someday you’ll have the ocean’

Former President Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Las Vegas this Saturday and talked about the border, the economy, and he also took some direct shots at his biggest rival, Florida Gov. and 2024 opponent Ron DeSantis.

“I’m not a big fan of his and he’s highly overrated. He’s highly overrated. Remember, he’s the one that wanted to cut Social Security. He’s the one that wanted to raise the minimum wage and he voted on this,” Trump said, referring to DeSantis.

“This isn’t just and the one thing you have to remember when a politician comes out with an initial plan and then they go into a corner because they’re getting killed because he’s getting killed. Well, he also has no personality that helps right,” he said.

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According to Bloomberg reporter Ryan Beckwith, Trump also made some interesting claims in regards to what is possible with geography, pointing out that the state of Nevada has no ocean, telling the audience that maybe someday “you’ll have the ocean.”

“Remember, Florida is easier than other places. You have the ocean and you have the sun,” Trump reportedly said. “There’s something about that, that works. You have the sun too, but you don’t have the ocean.”

“… I can tell you. You definitely don’t have the ocean. Maybe someday you’ll have the ocean, you never know. Someday. Hopefully it’s a long time away, right?”

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