Trump supporter admits: Okay, my ‘n*gger Obama’ sign might be a little racist

Donald Trump’s campaign has emboldened racists. They are unabashed and out in droves. There are countless examples of blatant and unchecked racism among The Donald’s supporters, and this story out of Omaha is just another example.

Omaha, Nebraska resident Steve Bowman loves him some Donald Trump. He was interviewed by local reporter John Chapman, who reports for WOWT. Chapman also happens to be black. The reason for the interview was that Bowman had some rather interesting ways of decorating his home. He had a sign supporting Trump, and he also had a hateful, racist sign that read “N*gger Obama.”

When questioned about the signage, Bowman told Chapman:

“Well I grew up in the 60’s. I remember racial riots. I know Martin Luther King. I’m 57 so I grew up in the late 50’s early 60’s and I know what it’s like the water guns the racial riots and Birmingham. You know the south, I know all about it. I have a master’s degree in history.”

But, after pressed on the Obama sign, Bowman confessed:

“It might be a little racist.”

Even worse is the fact that Bowman’s neighbors across the street, who are black, are subjected to his signs on a regular basis. The mother of two little girls, Regina Wright, was also interviewed by WOWT. She told the station:

“He’s been putting up stuff like that constantly. Constantly putting up stuff like that and I’ll bring it up to him gently, you know, ‘take that down please you know this is not the neighborhood for that’. He understands and he will take it down after I mention it to him, but then he’ll put something else up.”

Luckily, Chapman’s words convinced Bowman to remove his latest sign. He’ll likely come up with something even more offensive in short order, though.

Watch the video below, via WOWT:

[Raw Story] Featured image via screen grab

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