Trump supporter breaks down sobbing outside Miami courthouse: ‘We have the Devil reigning right now’

A Trump supporter broke down crying while being interviewed outside the Miami courthouse where the former president made his first appearance in court on 37 counts related to violations of the Espionage Act this Tuesday, Mediaite reported.

Among the throng of news outlets on the scene was the pro-Trump Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), which interviewed a woman who was clearly emotionally distraught over Donald Trump‘s indictment.

“I always have his back. I’m about to cry. I’m sorry,” the woman said before he started weeping. “He’s our president. Loves America, loves the people of America. And we have to fight We have to help him and support him. All of this is lies from the deep of hell. These people are from hell.”

“It’s evil,” RSBN reporter Vanessa Broussard said.

“Yes, it’s evil,” the unidentified woman replied, still weeping. “We have The Devil reigning right now! I just want to cry.”

“What is it about you that makes you cry?” Broussard asked. “You support him so much. You’re always around. You’re out here in the heat. You travel, you follow him. What is the most emotional part for you?”

“The injustice that they’re doing to him,” the woman replied. “The injustice that is happening in America. The injustice we don’t have … I knew America back in 1962. I know America when it was John F. Kennedy. So I know. And I cry when they killed him. I was in second grade and I cried. And I’m 70 years old now. And I still love this president and I love Reagan and I love this president.”

Watch the video over at Mediaite.

Sky Palma

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