Trump supporter gives his solution to the border crisis: ‘Just start shooting’

At a Trump campaign rally recently, The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland asked Trump supporters how they felt about the”volatility” brought about by the “changing demographics” that are a result of more Latino people coming into the country. While the answers were varied, one man posited that opening fire on people a the border would be a good deterrent.

The segment started out with a clip from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, where he lamented the demographic shifts caused by immigration. Vigeland then asked various rally attendees what they thought about Carlson’s comments.

According to one man wearing Trump’s signature MAGA hat, law enforcement should “just start shooting.”

“What would solve the whole thing on the border if they would just start shooting,” the man said. “Only shoot a couple, and they would go home.”

When she asked if he thought that would be a good deterrent, he replied, “If they would shoot.”

“If they just shot at them a few times, they would go back,” the man added.

A woman said that an alleged influx of “4,000” Latinos coming in the U.S. less than a month before the midterm election is no coincidence.

“It didn’t just happen — it wasn’t a grass-roots overnight decision,” the woman said. “It took some planning and somebody’s behind it.”

Another man said that part of the problem is that white people “don’t produce enough children.”

“You have abortion, and the blacks,” the man said. “… you need population growth. You need roughly 1.6 or more in order for the economy to grow. And since we’re not producing enough, or we are aborting them, you have no other choice except to bring in new blood and young people … so what’s left is what you see.”

Watch the video below, via The Young Turks:

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