Trump supporter who spray-painted ‘Biden 2020’ and ‘BLM’ on his own home pleads guilty to wire fraud

In September of 2020, Denis Molla gave press interviews outside of his burned out camper and trucks, saying that he was likely the target of arson because he flew a “Trump 2020” flag.

“I couldn’t see anything. I had to just feel for where the puppies were,” Molla told KARE11 at the time, telling a story about how he he helped his wife and kids escape the flames.

But as KARE11 reported this Tuesday, the whole ordeal was a hoax, and Molla admitted as much inside a federal courtroom, also saying that he was the one who painted the pro-Biden, pro-BLM, and pro-antifa graffiti on his home. He’s also being criminally charged over the insurance claims and the GoFundMe money he collected from the hoax.

From KARE11:

Inside a federal courtroom Tuesday, Molla admitted he started the fire and he painted the graffiti so that he could make a $300,000 insurance claim and collect $17,000 in GoFundMe donations.

He pleaded guilty to wire fraud — sobbing through much of the court hearing.

Molla’s attorney says the defendant paid back all the insurance money he collected and has saved up enough to pay back the GoFundMe donations, as soon as the court facilitates it.

When he’s sentenced at a future date, Molla faces three to four years in prison.

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