Trump supporters organize pro-Muslim ban ‘rally’ and 8 people showed up

In the wake of protests worldwide condemning President Trump‘s immigration ban from seven Muslim majority countries, a group of Trump supporters in Portland, Maine organized a counter-rally to show support for the ban.

But according to television footage from local CBS affiliate WGME, the turnout was slightly underwhelming.

“I’m just kind of letting you know there’s another side to the story,” Trump supporter Doug Prevost told the station. “…letting people know [Trump] has an awful lot of backers behind him.”

WGME’s footage of the event shows that there were about 8 people at the “rally.”

“We need to do better background checks on immigrants coming into this country,” said rally organizer William Hall. “We have borders for a reason. Having open borders is like having a home without walls, plain and simple.”

According to The Huffington Post, an anti-Trump rally in the same city a few days earlier drew in around 1,500 people.

When folks on Twitter got wind of the story, mockery naturally ensued:

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