Trump: The ‘J’ in my name stands for ‘genius’

In a piece for Vanity Fair this Friday, we get a preview of Gabriel Sherman‘s upcoming podcast where he talks about an encounter with GOP pollster Frank Luntz, who told him that he was at the White House Christmas party where he saw President Trump.

Sherman asked Luntz when he last saw the President. “Last week, at the White House Christmas party,” Luntz said. Sherman asked what the two men talked about, to which Luntz replied that he had asked Trump what his middle initial “J” stands for. “Genius,” Trump responded.

Although it’s clear that Trump meant it as a joke, Luntz thinks Sherman was trying to pass the quote along as another example of Trump’s stupidity.

“I’ve been telling this joke at parties for years, and @GabrielSherman is the first person to think it was real,” Luntz tweeted this Saturday. “That’s what happens when the media wants to spin anything as ‘Orange Man bad!'”

“Gonna be a long 5 more years,” Luntz added.

Featured image via Shutterstock 

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