Trump to GOP: ‘If your health bill doesn’t pass, I’m keeping Obamacare’

President Trump is threatening to leave Obamacare in place if the GOP’s healthcare bill fails to pass.

According to The Hill, President Trump is threatening to leave Obamacare in place if the GOP’s healthcare bill fails to pass.

According to comments from Trump administration officials, the President reportedly has given up negotiating with House Republicans over the bill, which was set to be voted on Thursday but was delayed.

“We have to have a vote tomorrow. He expects it to pass, but he’s moving on if for some reason it didn’t,” Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) said, relaying the President’s frustration.

“If it doesn’t pass, we’re moving beyond healthcare.”

From The Hill:

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, a former member of the House Freedom Caucus that has been negotiating with Trump, told the GOP conference that Trump wants a vote on Friday during a dramatic closed-door meeting, according to a GOP source in the room.

If the vote fails, Trump will move on to other priorities and ObamaCare will stay as the law of the land, Mulvaney said.

A vote on a modified bill will probably go through this Friday. With all Democrats prepared to vote against it, the GOP is facing a very slim margin for passage.

A managers amendment to be released Thursday night that would repeal ObamaCare’s essential health benefits, which require insurers to offer coverage in certain areas. Conservatives have demanded this change, saying it will lower premium costs.

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