Trump used video of Moroccan migrants so you’d think they’re Mexicans, but facts don’t matter

Donald Trump’s campaign recently released an ad touting the candidate as someone who will be tough on immigration and ISIS. If you mistook it for a parody ad, I wouldn’t blame you. In another happier era, it would read like one. But Trump and his staff are unfamiliar with the concepts of “irony” and “are you f*cking kidding me with this sh*t.”

The ad starts with a voiceover that sounds like your dad telling you a spooky story on Halloween. He says things like “that’s why we’re calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States until we can figure out what’s going on” as though it’s common sense and reasonable. Then it takes a nose dive into Crazy Town.

“He’ll quickly cut the head off ISIS and take their oil.”

“And he’ll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico WILL pay for.”

How. How are we getting Mexico to pay for the wall. I don’t understand how he can keep using that line when it makes no goddamn sense.

But the best part? The footage used when discussing the immigration from Mexico to the U.S. isn’t from our border at all — it’s from Morocco. I guess they both start with the letter M? Because the video strongly suggests (to put it mildly) that this video footage is from our border, Politifact rated the claim “pants on fire.”

In the typical fashion we’ve come to expect from Trump, his campaign manager responded to the allegations. “No shit it’s not the Mexican border, but that’s what our country is going to look like if we don’t do anything.”

#andImproudtobeanAmerican #whereatleastIknowImfree

Here’s the video below:

Featured image via screen grab

Caitlin Cohen

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