Trump vows to sue Fox News for airing Lincoln Project ads: ‘These perverts shouldn’t be allowed to false advertise’


Former President Donald Trump is threatening to sue Fox News for allowing political ads that disparage him, specifically the latest ad dropped by the anti-Trump PAC Lincoln Project.

In a post to his Truth Social platform, Trump wrote that the “Perverts and Lowlifes of the Lincoln Project are back on, where else, Fox News.”

“I thought they ran away to the asylum after their last catastrophic campaign, with charges made against them that were big time sleaze, and me getting many millions more votes in 2020 than I got in 2016,” Trump wrote, likely referring to some of the scandals that the Lincoln Project has endured.

“The Paul Ryun (sic) run Fox only has high standards for ‘Trump’ ads, but not for anyone else. The Perverts should not be allowed to ‘false advertise,’ and Fox News should not allow it to happen. See you all in Court!!!” Trump wrote, apparently referring to former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, who left office in 2019 and joined the board of Fox Corporation. As Mediaite points out, Ryan has zero influence over Fox’s programming.

Additionally, Fox News doesn’t sell advertising spots to Lincoln Project since they make local ad buys through cable providers.

Watch the ad below:

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