‘Trumpgrets’ collects the social media posts of regretful Trump voters

In my writing and the content I choose for DeadState, it’s easy to wallow into the shady realm of casting all Donald Trump supporters as unreasonable. But as a noticeable contingent of social media users demonstrate, the reality of a Trump presidency has a few of his ilk reexamining their choices.

A Tumblr site that follows these on-the-fencers collects screenshots of people lamenting everything from Trump’s glaring hypocrisy, to what the Trump era actually means for them.

According to the Trumpgrets, some Trump voters see Trump’s walking back on several of his top campaign promises (his pledge to prosecute Hillary Clinton over alleged use of a private email server, for example) as a means to be worried.

How they couldn’t see their disappointment coming is another story.

Below are a few samplings:

A quick look down the timelines of these profiles shows that many of them are still die-hard Trump supporters, so to interpret their comments as turn-arounds would be mistaken.



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