Trump’s fundraising PAC has lost $13 million since FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago

While former President Donald Trump‘s fundraising committees have raised around $24 million in the last three months, an analysis conducted by The Daily Beast finds that Trump spent more than $37 million during the same period, giving him a net loss of around $13 million.

From The Daily Beast:

In real terms, Trump’s fundraising last quarter was actually something closer to $3.6 million—that’s how much he actually raised for his two main committees, which he can use for things like political activity, events, legal fees, and enriching his businesses. But while those two committees took in about $3.6 million, they also spent roughly $15.5 million on operating costs.

Those losses didn’t stop Trump’s allies from boasting to the media that the ongoing federal investigation into his hoarding of government records was playing out as a political and financial win, claiming the legal boondoggle had only energized his MAGA base. In truth, they weren’t telling the whole story—the twice-impeached former president had been hemorrhaging cash all along, while apparently struggling to convert small-dollar donors.

The Daily Beast looked at Federal Election Commission filings from Trump’s three active fundraising committees and found that over the last three months, the committees spent a total of $23 million on fundraising efforts. “Accounting for just those expenses, Trump walked away with a little over $1 million. But his other costs took a major bite—legal fees alone ate up $7.5 million—leaving him $13 million in the hole, all told,” The Beast’s report stated.

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Sky Palma

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