Trump’s pick to replace Flynn says no, calls the offer a ‘sh*t sandwich’

According to CNN, President Trump‘s pick to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor has turned down the offer.

Speaking to CNN, a friend of Retired Vice Admiral Bob Harward says he declined the job due to the White House’s “chaotic” nature. Harward reportedly referred to the offer as a “sh*t sandwich.”

From CNN:

A senior Republican familiar with the process said “a question of clarity regarding the lines of authority” was central in Harward’s decision.

“I wouldn’t call it a disagreement as much as questions that could not be resolved to his comfort level,” the Republican said.

In an interview on CNN’s OutFront, Ret. Army Maj. Gen. James “Spider” Marks, a CNN military analyst, called Harward an “incredibly talented guy.”

According to CBS News, there was a dispute between Harward and the White House over his insistence on having his own selected team, a demand that the White House resisted.

“Specifically, Mr. Trump told Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland that she could retain her post, even after the ouster of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn,” CBS reported. “Harward refused to keep McFarland as his deputy, and after a day of negotiations over this and other staffing matters, Harward declined to serve as Flynn’s replacement.”

While being reluctant to speculate on why Harward turned down the job, Marks said the ongoing turmoil in the White House was likely a major reason.

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