Trump’s polls rise as Bernie and Hillary try to kill each other

As the Democratic party bickers over whether it’ll be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been making strides in the polls.

According The Hill, a new NBC News poll shows Clinton and Trump polling at equal numbers. The poll also pitted Clinton and Trump in a hypothetical presidential match-up and Clinton barely edged out Trump with a 48 percent win to his 45 percent — meaning Hillary has her work cut our for her.

Judging from the current numbers, Clinton will need to rally more support from Democrats, just like Trump who seems to be unifying the GOP despite not have the backing of major figure heads (Mitt Romney or the Bush family). Problem is, uniting the party is an even bigger hurdle for Clinton with her opponent Bernie Sanders still in the race.

Recent criticism has been directed towards Sanders supporters, claiming they’ve participated in threats and harassment of Democratic staffers. Sanders responded to criticism of his supporters’ behavior by saying that the comments were “nonsense” and that the party should embrace “people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change” or it would “choose to maintain its status quo structure [and] remain dependent on big-money campaign contributions.”

In response, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Sanders’s comments were “silly.”

“Every week, every news cycle, every tweet that goes by where the focus is not on the GOP presumptive nominee is a day lost in this race to seize the most advantageous ground to wage the general election,” said Democratic strategist Chris Lehane when talking about Clinton and Sanders attacking each other.

Looking for some hope for Clinton against Trump, Kyle Kondik of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics said, “Trump might be getting something of a ‘unity bonus’ that Clinton might yet realize after Sanders leaves the race, whenever that is.”

Featured image: Kazim Alikhan (Flickr)

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