Trump’s restaurants have a history of being filthy, making his attack on the Red Hen hugely hypocritical

Today, the President of the United States tweeted that the Red Hen — the restaurant that refused to serve the always-polite Sarah Huckabee Sanders who immediately took to her government account to make sure everyone knew she’d been wronged — should “focus on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows.”

It’s a cute look for Sanders, who gets to continue feeling like a very polite victim while also allowing others to carry out her petty revenge for her. In this case, even Trump, our fearless leader, stepped up to the plate.

The thing is, Trump probably should have sat this one out. (He should sit out most of the things he involves himself in, as dictating what NFL players should do during their games is decidedly not in his current job description, but whatever.) As the Daily Beast pointed out today, his restaurants store raw meat above ready-to-eat food — a “moderate risk” — while the employees drop pans on the floor and then put them in the refrigerator without even cleaning them.

In the last 5 years alone, Trump’s Doral golf club in Miami has incurred 524 health code violations, including cockroaches, mold-like build-up in coolers and freezers, and holes in kitchen walls.

But hey, at least it’s expensive.

Meanwhile, the Red Hen has had three violations in 5 years, and all three have been corrected.

This is all a reminder that Trump is terrible at every single job he’s ever had, but he’s loud enough and racist enough to appeal to a certain kind of American.

I’m furious this is even a story, that we now live in a country where this behavior from the president is not only happening, it’s normal. Make America Great Again? How? By bullying a small restaurant about made-up charges that are truer for your own establishment than theirs?

Feels good to finally have class back in the White House.

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Caitlin Cohen

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