Trump’s ‘spiritual adviser’ goes on Fox News and declares victory in the non-existent War on Christmas

One of the dumbest talking points to come out of right-wing media was going strong on Fox News during Christmas Day.

Appearing on Fox & Friends this Christmas Day, megachurch pastor and President Trump’s “spiritual adviser” Paula White declared victory in the non-existent ‘War on Christmas’ waged by godless liberals.

The Fox segment sought to perpetuate the lie that claims former President Barack Obama was waging a campaign against Christian culture — a claim that’s possibly the longest enduring and among the most stupid to emerge from right-wing media.

Todd Piro, who was sitting in as a substitute host, introduced the segment with the lede: “President Trump, delivering on his promise to put Christ back in Christmas.” Co-host Molly Line then chimed in moments later: “President Trump delivering on another promise, proudly putting Christ back in Christmas.” She then asked White why this is such an important battle for the White House.

“Well, isn’t it nice to be able to say Merry Christmas and to put Jesus Christ back on the White House lawn? And to have the crusader that we have in our president?” White said. “It is so vitally important — first off, it’s personal to him. He’s a man of faith, he is a believer. He’s spiritual. I’ve known him for over 17 years. And Trump just hasn’t put Christ back in Christmas, but he’s also put prayer back in the White House, he’s put justice back into, and religious freedom back into, our courts. He’s done so much. I say this is a man who is a promise keeper. We’ll know him as the president who keeps promises.”

When asked about Trump’s supposed “Christian faith,” White responded that Trump holds Christmas dear “because his faith is such an important part of his life.”

“It guides him, it leads him, and one of the things that I love about President Trump is that he is not afraid to take those steps that might be unpopular with other people,” White replied. “We do not have to be afraid of the political correct police anymore. What makes America great is that we were founded on a Judeo-Christian nation. That’s very important for us to understand. He understands it. It is personal to him. Our country, though it is not a theocracy, you will not understand democracy if you don’t understand the biblical foundations and traditions and foundation of Christianity and of our faith.”

“And so it’s so important because it’s such a part of our ethos, our culture,” she continued. “That’s a vital part of why it’s important for America to understand of putting Christ, Christmas, Mary back in Christmas. It’s liberating and also it brings great joy. I mean, this is the message that has changed literally billions and billions for centuries. We have preached this as Christians forever.”

As The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple points out:

There was no attempt to ask her about her history with the so-called “prosperity gospel,” or the idea that all ye faithful shall come into riches; about transparency issues surrounding her evangelical advisory council; or about, say, how tax cuts tilted heavily toward the rich and corporations jibes with Christian theology. Perhaps that’s too much to ask of “Fox & Friends,” especially on a festive holiday.


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