Trump’s spiritual advisor expels demons from the White House using ‘the superior blood of Jesus’

President Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White seems to have one primary function: to expel demons from the White House. Now there’s another video showing her doing exactly that, thanks to the folks over at Right Wing Watch.

During a sermon at Morris Cerullo’s church in California last month, White declared the White House to be covered by “the superior blood of Jesus.”

“It doesn’t take any spirit of discernment or knowledge or wisdom to see that we have runaway generations,” White said in the flagged by RWW. “Opioid epidemic, suicide epidemic, sexual identity epidemic, where do you want me to start? It’s all over the place. The problem is not the world: We can blame it on the liberal educational system that infiltrated the Ivy Leagues … Right now, we’re fighting bills in California—in third grade, in fifth grade—they put certain things on certain vegetables and teach them how to insert them in certain parts of the anatomy.”

It’s these practices, among other things that she incoherently rattled off, that compels White to anoint the “perimeters” of the White House with the Holy Spirit.

“You better believe I’m up there singing the name of Jesus,” she said. “You better believe I’m walking around those parameters saying, ‘I lift this up and I dedicate every ounce of this place as holy ground and I dedicate it by the superior blood of Jesus.’ And every door that God opens for me, I invoke the name of Jesus.”

White then remotely performed an exorcism on the White House.

“I invoke the name of Jesus. I release angels right now and the Holy Spirit and walls of fire. I burn up every demonic altar in the name of Jesus and I call it to crumble and any assignment by any principality, power, darkness, and wickedness against this nation, against other nations, is coming down in the name of Jesus. Let it all fall down, let it crumble, by the fire of God, let it be burned right now. I erect the altar of God right now, I renounce every demonic spirit, I renounce every covenant made with Satan.”

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen grab

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