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Tucker Carlson and other Fox News hosts deposed in $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against the network

Last week, lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems questioned some of Fox News’ most well known personalities, including hosts Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson, while former Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs and Fox News’ Sean Hannity are scheduled for depositions on Tuesday and Wednesday, The Washington Post reports.

Dominion claims the network’s hosts defamed it either by falsely claiming the company participated in a plot to rig the election against Donald Trump or by repeatedly hosting guests who made such claims.

As The Post points out, Dominion has also deposed former and current Fox employees who never pushed election conspiracy theories, such former news anchor Shepard Smith, who left Fox nearly three years ago and now works for CNBC.

Dominion’s lawyers “seem to want to show a pattern of practice of Fox disregarding the facts,” a person with knowledge of the case told The Post.

The company has obtained reams of internal emails and text messages sent by Fox employees, some of which it claimed in one filing provided “evidence that Fox knew the lies it was broadcasting about Dominion were false.” Fox denies this, saying Dominion “cherry-picked” the evidence. Lawyers have posed questions to interviewees that center on the gaps between what they said privately in those messages and what they said on the air to millions of viewers.

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