Tucker Carlson to Trump: ‘Are you worried they’ll try to kill you?’

In an interview with former President Donald Trump, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked if he’s worried about getting killed.

“It started with protests against you and then it moved to impeachment twice and now indictment,” Carlson said. “Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you? Honestly.”

“They’re savage animals; they’re people that are sick,” Trump responded.

The interview is set to be aired this Wednesday during the first GOP presidential debate, which Trump did not participate in. Instead, he chose to do the Carlson interview.

From The Hill:

Trump has cited his large lead in most GOP primary polls and a “hostile” relationship with Fox as reasons for his skipping the event.

Trump has been indicted four times this year in connection with his personal business dealings, handling of classified documents and efforts to overturn the 2020 election. He has argued the charges against him are political in nature and meant to keep him from winning a second term in the White House.

Sky Palma

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