Twitter brutalizes Tucker Carlson for tone-deaf tweet about immigrants

This past Thursday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson fired off a tweet asking why America would benefit from “having tons of people from failing countries” arrive on its shores. If Carlson was looking to provoke his liberal critics, it worked. But the response wasn’t the typical ad-hominem back-and-forth that defines most of today’s political Twitter wars; it was a genuine smackdown of Carlson’s apparent fundamental misunderstanding of what America is all about.

As reported by Al Jazeera, this Wednesday a more narrowed version of President Trump’s Muslim ban went into effect, with the State Department declaring that visa applicants from the six Muslim-majority countries targeted by the ban must have a close family relationship in the U.S. or “formal ties to an American entity” in order to be admitted to the country.

The question is a good one. Why does American benefit from people arriving from failing countries? The answer lies in the personal stories of people who are the children and beneficiaries of immigrants. Others simply couldn’t comprehend the tone-deafness of the tweet:

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Featured image: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Sky Palma

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