Twitter brutally punished Donald Trump for this dumb thing he said about climate change

Donald Trump believes in two incredibly stupid ideas: the first is that vaccines cause autism, and the second is that massive amounts of snow and extreme cold weather disprove global warming.

Even the staunchest conservatives are having to acknowledge that climate change is a real phenomenon – they’re just holding out on the fact that it’s linked to human behavior.

The beautiful thing about Trump is that he voices his ignorance loudly, and often. In a tweet he fired off on Valentine’s Day, he regurgitated that old fallacy that uses singular weather events as a way to refute the climate change model.

Of course, there are always the loyal Trump bots that he’s cultivated in the last two election cycles who’ll bow at his every word. But the majority of responses to his dumbness in 140 characters-or-less amounted to outright mockery.

But this tweet thread has a winner, and it was this fellow:

Sky Palma

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