Twitter is mocking Alex Jones with #SecondCivilWarLetters

The Internet’s most cartoonish crackpot conspiracy theorist has made himself the punchline of a mass joke once again. This Sunday, Alex Jones warned that on this coming July 4, Democrats were planning to launch a second civil war.

“Establishment publications that communicate with the governmental and corporate institutions, began to develop a plan for a civil emergency to use civil unrest, racial strife in America to force Trump out,” Jones declared on a live webcast this Sunday.

According to Jones, July 4 “is a key crossroads for all of that.”

“The globalists see July 4 as their new D-Day against us.”

Almost immediately after Jones made his declaration, the hashtag #secondcivilwarletters began trending on Twitter, taking on a parodic tone that mimicked Ken Burns’ famous Civil Wars documentary series which featured narrators reading letters written by Civil War soldiers to their loved ones.

One of the most engaged tweets came from Daily Beast columnist Rick Wilson:

“I stared at the dying soldier, his Alt-Reich Douchestaffel uniform covered in blood. He gripped my arm, eyes wild with fear of impending death. ‘One question…’ he gasped. ‘Anything,’ I said. With his last breath he sighed, ‘What is a clitoris?'”

Below are a few more funny examples:

Of course, I couldn’t resist:

You can find more tweets here.

Sky Palma

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